It was late last fall that I called Minnesota Soybean Growers Association Research (MSGA) Director David Kee to talk about the record soybean yields we saw in 2020. One of the first reasons David mentioned was early planting in ideal soil conditions. The earlier you can plant beans the more nodes there will be on the soybean plant before it begins to flower. More nodes means more flowers, pods, beans, bushels and dollars!

While we have ideal soil conditions to plant beans this spring the soil temperatures are still cold. That has left some farmers wondering if they should be planting corn let alone be planting beans? Corn will germinate with a soil temperature at around 50 degrees while soybeans need a temperature of around 54 degrees. With the warmer sunshine today more farmers are planting corn and some have equipment and operators to plant beans at the same time!


It is supposed to cool off again this weekend and then warm up early next week but it will be cloudy with a good chance of rain. Click on the link above and listen to  MSGA Research Director David Kee discuss planting beans in April with cold soil temperatures.

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