Most of us have been startled by the sound of a bird hurtling into our window, but most people would never think to use the experience as the catalyst for a song. As proven by his new song "I Saved a Bird Today," Peter Frampton is the exception.

As Frampton told Guitar World, his decision to spring into action and make sure the bird would be okay left him in something of a reflective mood — not just about the well-being of our feathered friends, but our current sociopolitical climate and how it relates to our basic obligations to our fellow man.

"'To care for one another is the reason we are here’ — this lyric sums up the song for me," explained Frampton. "We are all in uncharted territory right now. ‘Perhaps today, [the bird] was on her way to rescue me,’ which doesn’t seem too far off from what we all need. Politeness and caring for each other cannot be a thing of the past. I can’t explain how great the feeling was to have saved a life. Peace, love and truth trump hate every time.”

"I Saved a Bird Today" is now available as a standalone single through Apple Music and serves as a sort of appetizer between his most recent full-length release, 2016s' Acoustic Classics, and his next effort. In the meantime, Frampton remains on the road; he'll resume his acoustic tour later this month, and has lined up a lengthy series of summer dates with the Steve Miller Band. Visit Frampton's site for a full list of shows and ticketing information.

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