With restaurants and bars closed through March 27, some businesses have gotten creative and offered car side pick-ups and to-go/order ahead options. It's a different kind of creative when a local brewery creates a walk-up window to keep its fans happy, and well the business open. Montgomery Brewery in Montgomery has taken the walk-up sales idea and ran with it.

The announcement came yesterday on the brewery's Facebook page and judging by the reaction it got, it was the right decision to offer walk-up sales 7-days a week.

Image Credit: @MontgomeryBrewing via Facebook

On top of the walk-up sales, for every $50 gift card you decide to purchase, remember this is cash in hand for local businesses, they will give you a FREE crowler of your choice as a way to say thank you.

The post indicates that the walk-up hours will be:

"2pm - 6pm Every Day (subject to change)
Available for purchase: Crowlers, Gift cards, Merch, and ONLY new growlers. No growlers will be refilled at this time. If you would like to place a preorder so it’s ready when you arrive you can message info@montgomerybrewing.com"

Personally, my wife and I were there this past weekend and the staff was doing a great job keeping tables and counters clean and disinfecting when customers would leave. Ron, one of the beertenders there, was telling us at the time that it was great to see so many faces coming in the door in light of the situation at hand.

Other local businesses in our area will find creative ways in order to survive, and it's our job to help keep them open as well, with takeout orders, or gift cards. These small businesses are what make our communities so wonderful and unique.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

If you've got a small business that is doing something unique to stay open during the COVID-19 closures let me know by sending me an email. Paul.shea@townsquaremedia.com

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