According to this Glass Magazine article Owatonna-based manufacture Viracon is going to be closing it's smallest plant in St. George, Utah in March.

The announced closure comes on the heels of what the article says was "several years of productivity improvement and new equipment and infrastructure investment at its Owatonna, Minnesota, and Statesboro, Georgia, facilities."

The company will talk about relocation opportunities on a case-by-case basis with employees. Also coming in to help will be the Utah Department of Workforce Services to assist any of Viracon's displaced workforce in finding new opportunities as it winds down operations in Utah over the next two to three months. The Utah closure will affect just under 200 of Viracon’s 2,300 employees. There is no indication in the article of what the closure's effect will have on the two remaining plants.

This news comes on heels of the closure in Waseca of Quad Graphics that took place at the end of 2017. That closure resulted in more than 330 people being laid off in some fashion.

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