Last week we told you a fish & chips food truck, with quite the following, was coming to Minnesota for the first time ever. On The Hook will be stopping in Albert Lea Tuesday, Owatonna Wednesday, and Mankato on Thursday. The locations where you can grab some quality fish and chips are; N. Broadway and Water Street in Albert Lea, Mineral Springs Brewery in Owatonna, and Pawn America in Mankato.

On the Hook shared their locations, on where they will be this week on their Facebook page.

You can grab fresh fish and chips from 11-7pm at each location.

Prices are $12 for the Fish & Chips basket, $5 for fries only, $10 for fish, and the option for extra fish exists at $3.50 a filet.

On The Hook, now has a fleet of 4 trucks after starting out as a college-based business at the University of Wyoming, according to the food trucks website. 

The fish that is being served is line caught up in Alaska and then "flash frozen to perfectly preserve the fresh-caught quality and tenderness." On The Hook also "hand coat the cod [it[ with our original recipe beer batter created by our founders over months by experimenting and fine-tuning while they were in college."

If all goes well with the food truck's entrance into Minnesota, hopefully, they will venture further up I-35 to the Faribault area. I plan on stopping by Mineral Springs Brewing on Wednesday to give it a try!

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