At 3 PM today, Twin Cities channel 11, Inside Edition will be airing a full interview with Lois Riess' youngest son, Braden Riess.

Losi Riess, also known as the "killer grandma," murdered her husband in Blooming Prairie this past March, then fled to Florida where she killed another woman, 59-year-old Pamela Hutchinson, and stole her identity. From there, she attempted to hide out in Texas, where she was later found and arrested. They extradited her to Florida, where she remains.

In the short preview of the interview (below), Braden says he "can't wrap his head around it" and that his mom "was a good lady."

He confirms that his mom struggled with a gambling addiction, even before these murders took place.

Braden, who currently lives in Rochester, says that he believes a mental breakdown is to blame for her actions.

Watch the preview of Braden's interview with Inside Edition:





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