There are plenty of amenities that a community can have to make it stand out in the area. One of those amenities is a dog park. As a family with a pooch, we like to head to these dog oasis' to allow our dog to stretch his legs and to interact with other dogs. Last night was the official ribbon-cutting at Lonsdale's dog park. 

The dog park was the hard work of the local Girl Scout chapter partnering with local businesses and the City of Lonsdale. From concrete culverts placed around the park for your dog to run through, a digging hill for dogs that like to dig, and a little pond that is fenced around so only if you want your dog to take a dip will they get wet.

Lonsdale Dog Park

If you are curious as to where the Lonsdale dog park is located, you can check out the address here.

There were about 20-25 people at the ribbon-cutting event, along with 8-10 four-legged guests as well. Our dog Grom was in attendance during the ribbon cutting, if you were there he was the dog that was running rampant attempting to get the other dogs to play with him. He left the park last night smiling and exhausted from all the running.

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