After Logan’s runtime was increased by a whole three minutes from the version that screened for critics, we all hopped on the post-credits scene speculation. Would it tease Deadpool 2? Would it further wrap up Wolverine’s story? Would it hint at the next Wolverine-less X-Men movie? Better hold your horses, because James Mangold himself has now said that Logan has no post-credits scene after all.

In a tweet reply to a journalist asking about the mysterious scene (noticed today by Gizmodo and io9’s Germain Lussier), Mangold flat-out says “There is not a post credits scene.” See for yourself.

Well. So, what does this mean, exactly? If the runtime really is three minutes longer, what secrets could those minutes hold? Three minutes is quite a long time — most Marvel post-credits scenes last around or less than a minute, and function manly as a fun sting to hint at things to come. Thing is, from what I’ve heard about Logan, it really doesn’t need to continue any story or tease a sequel, because the story is wrapped up quite nicely in the actual movie.

Most of the time, movies will screen for critics without any post-credits anything so that spoilers don’t leak before the movie officially premieres. Could something similar be happening here? Was there a short scene somewhere in the final cut of Logan that Fox took out because it hinted at something spoilery to come?

Of course, maybe he’s just picky with phrasing. Maybe he means it’s a mid-credits scene. Maybe he means it’s not a scene, but a shot. A post-credits moment? What even is a scene anyway? What even are films?

Looks like we’ll all find out together when Logan hits theaters March 3.

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