How about some feel-good news? A missing cat from Rochester was found over 40 miles away about a year after going missing. It seems the cat, named Art, survived by hanging out at Owatonna's Fleet Farm for the last few months of his running wild. It's rather incredible that the cat made it that distance seemingly uninjured. In a post to Facebook, that's quickly taken off, Art's owners let people know Christmas came early this year.


Christmas came early for us. I can’t even believe this is real. I’m sure a lot of you remember when our cat Art went...

Posted by Caylin Holmes on Thursday, December 3, 2020


The post was written on Thursday, after being reunited with their microchipped cat.

Art's incredible journey began in September of 2019 when he managed to become lost in the Med City. Fast forward over 400 days, multiple false sightings and findings, to this past Thursday when Art's owner Caylin Holmes got a call from an Owatonna vet clinic stating that they had her cat Art after it was trapped inside the Owatonna Fleet Farm.

It appears from Caylin's post that Art had taken up a sort of residence inside Fleet Farm as he was often caught on camera, but it wasn't until an employee decided to trap the intruder did Art's tale end.

It's really unknown how Art got from Rochester to Owatonna. He might have walked, or maybe someone found him in Rochester and brought him home to Owatonna where he got out again and found his way to Fleet Farm.

However he did it, he made his family quite happy this holiday season, and more than likely made their 2020 just a little bit better too.

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