It's getting to be that time of the year again where you do a little spring cleaning. I know my big project for this spring is getting my garage cleared out. I have a lot of stuff packed in there that I thought I needed but really don't. What should I do with all this stuff? Well, the answer came to me courtesy of Brian Schmidt from the Rice County Historical Society. He reminded me their huge spring Flea Market is coming very soon.

This annual event, held on May 20 this year, is a great opportunity to sell off all that stuff you've had sitting around gathering dust over the years. Instead of filling the landfill with items that still work or are usable, you'll be, in a sense, recycling it and making some money that you could put toward those custom cabinets and work area you've always wanted in the garage or that cool waterfall and pond your wife has been wishing for out in the flower garden. Just sayin', make some room and score some cash.

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