A Mankato, Minnesota woman named Claire Julian is a regular at a local antique store. She was at Pond Road Market recently when she found an 80-year-old Valentine that actually came from one of her family members.

What a find! She spoke with WCCO about what had happened. She said that someone told her there were some vintage Valentines so she had to go check it out. And as luck would have it, the very first vintage Valentine she looked at had her great aunt Arlene's name on it.

Sure enough, the Valentine was given by Arlene 80 years ago to a friend in her class.  Claire purchased the card and brought it to her great aunt. Arlene told WCCO, "'In school we’d make our little boxes and your classmates would put Valentines in the boxes'" and somehow one of those Valentines ended up at Pond Road Market in Mankato. Arlene went to school near Vernon Center, which is just south of Mankato, but what are the odds that her great-niece would end up finding that Valentine in an antique shop all these years later.

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The card said, "I'm brushing up for you Valentine."

John Lauritsen via WCCO
John Lauritsen via WCCO

It would have been so cute if Arlene and the person she gave this Valentine to ended up getting married but that wasn't the case, he was just a friend. And that friend who received the Valentine 80 years ago is currently 93 and also lives near Mankato.

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