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Dodge Center's McNeilus Trucking is losing up to 235 jobs according to a report in the Rochester Post Bulletin (a subscription may be needed to read the story). Oshkosh, the parent company of McNeilus, plans to consolidate the production of concrete mixers at their London, Ontario plant.

McNeilus' current workforce is over 1,050 employees on the Dodge Center site which covers 145 acres. The business dates back to 1970 when McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Inc. was formed and is Dodge Center's largest employer.

Marketing manager for Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Corporation Katie Hoxtell told the Post Bulletin the change is "part of our strategy to strengthen our business and optimize our core business platforms toward continued market growth and leadership."

Regarding the displaced workers in Dodge Center, she stated, "We are committed to supporting those team members impacted with a comprehensive transition program including outplacement assistance and coordination with Minnesota Workforce Development to assist with their job search."

The change will occur over the next few months.

The report says the Dodge Center location will continue to produce refuse collection vehicles and house the mixer research and development base.

In recognizing their 50th year, McNeilus highlights their progress through the years on their website, "A half-century's worth of innovation, expertise and industry-leading sales, service and support doesn't just happen."

  • 1970 McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Inc. is formed.
  • 1976 The first McNeilus-brand concrete mixer is introduced.
  • 1980 McNeilus becomes the most popular concrete mixer brand in America.
  • 1993 McNeilus looks to quickly grow its refuse product offering by building a front-loading garbage truck...
  • 1997 Roll-offs are added to the product line...
  • 1998 McNeilus is purchased by Oshkosh Corporation, which specializes in severe-duty vehicle manufacturing...

These historical notes represent a small sample of the company's history, which you can read more about on their website.


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