One Medford man, named Jim Spinler, has been collecting pop tabs for three decades! Why? Because he wants to help keep Medford clean!

He drives around in his golf cart, usually twice a day, to collect pop tabs and also pick up litter along the way. He told KARE 11 that the roads he drives in his golf cart are the same roads he drove when he was running his garbage business.

Over these three decades, Jim has collected over 3 million pop tabs! That's literally over a ton!

With pop tabs, you could turn them in and Jim could get quite a bit of money for them, but he's decided against that.

He told KARE 11, “How many people in this world are doing something for somebody else, all they think about is their self.” That's why Jim will be donating all of these pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester. After his 3 million pop tabs are loaded in a trailer for the annual Medford parade of course!

You can read more about Jim's story HERE!


Source: KARE 11


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