Ladies and gentlemen, START YOUR RADIOS! OK, the phrase works better when you use engines, but the point was still the same. Power 96 is going to be counting down the best 500 Classic Rock songs of ALL TIME this Memorial Day weekend, courtesy of Boomer's Millwright Services and Three Links Care Center.

It's really no easy feat when you think about it. How do you classify what makes a song 'better' than another? What's the cut off to making the list and not making the list? It wasn't an easy thing to do. Does the number 1 song mean the most time at #1 based on airplay? Is it #1 because of recognition? #1 because of guitar solos/vocals/drums?

You'll have to tune in this weekend to find out and help sort out the top 500 Classic Rock songs of all time. Send us your thoughts using the app, or through social media during the long holiday weekend as to what you think should be the number 1 Classic Rock song of all time.

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The countdown will begin Friday afternoon and run all weekend with the #1 song of all time playing around 7pm...We are starting off the countdown early each day, beginning at 6am and going late into the night wrapping up each day around midnight.

Will it be The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Minnesota's own Bob Dylan, or some other artist/band reigning supreme Monday night?

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