Time Magazine has named the #Metoo Movement, and the silence breakers, as their person of the year for 2017. This started with the #me too movement about a decade ago to help sexual assault survivors in disadvantaged communities, and it has grown so much since then.

March Supporting Sexual Assault Victims Held In Los Angeles
David McNew, Getty Images

"Actress Alyssa Milano was one of the first high-profile women to use the "me too" hashtag this year after several actresses came forward with allegations of sexual assault against movie producer Harvey Weinstein. " This led to so many women, and men, who are sharing that they too, have been victims of sexual discrimination or assault.

The silence breakers are bringing the conversation to the forefront, which is why they have been named the Person of the Year for 2017 by Time magazine. Once the #metoo movement started gaining traction on social media, I saw that so many of my friends shared their stories, and for those who did not share their stories, seeing the #metoo on their profiles let everyone know that they had stories of their own.

I am a woman, and I could share #metoo stories all day long. While I am not going to share any personal stories, I am going to say that I am glad to see that there are conversations about harassment and assault and that this behavior is no longer going to be accepted as the status quo.

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