On Sunday my wife and i went to Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," which I reviewed yesterday, but the movie I've been trying to see was "Logan." Yesterday afternoon I finally found the time to go see it. I realize I'm a little late to the party but here's a quick review.

It was great.

Okay maybe I'd better elaborate a little further. This isn't the X-Men movie of your childhood. This movie is a dirty, grimy, violent movie with an aging Wolverine, now going by Logan, set in the year 2027. Mutantkind is mostly extinct and there haven't been any new mutant births in the past 25 years. Logan is now a limo driver and lives in an abandoned smelting factory with Caliban, a mutant who can track other mutants, and Professor Charles Xavier, who is suffering from a form of senility that causes him to have seizures that seem to to keep people from functioning to the point of possible death.

To make a long story short without giving away a lot of the movie, Logan suddenly finds himself looking after a young mutant girl named Laura who has similar powers and abilities as he does. Logan, Xavier and Laura then begin a long, dangerous journey to a safe haven for what's left of the mutants on Earth.

The young girl who plays Laura, Dafne Keen, is a phenomenal child actress and convincingly portrays this violent, troubled young mutant with amazing abilities and a penchant for killing in very inventive ways. She doesn't talk during most of the movie but does a great job conveying her emotions through facial expressions and actions.

If you haven't seen "Logan" but are a fan of Wolverine or the X-Men movies, I suggest you go see it soon before it's out of theaters. This is definitely a movie that should be seen on the big screen.

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