On Saturday, my family threw me the only surprise birthday party that I've ever had. And it had a poop emoji theme, which I found quite hilarious. My actual birthday isn't until next Saturday, but I'm usually busy with the Rice County Fair, so they threw an early party, complete with poop emoji cupcakes and poopsi (Pepsi, it's my favorite).

This whole poop emoji thing started a long time ago when my oldest granddaughter was just a toddler. Whenever we would go for walks she would pick up rocks for a collection that was slowly growing at grandma and grandpa's. I sent a text to my daughter, their mother, referencing said rock collection and ended it with what I thought was a rock emoji. My daughter laughingly pointed out to me that it was the poop emoji and it's been a long-running joke for my family since then. Recently I saw a video about a little girl's poop emoji themed party and told my family, jokingly, that was the kind of birthday party I would like. Well, apparently they accepted that challenge and started working on throwing me the best birthday party I have ever had.

Under the guise of lunch and an afternoon of swimming at my oldest daughter's place, we went to the cities for a relaxing Saturday. When I got there, they all jumped out yelling "Surprise!" and believe me I was. Then I started to laugh as I saw that there were poop emojis everywhere. Even Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo from "South Park" and made an appearance. The food and drinks were all labeled in a poopy way and most of my presents were poop-themed as well. The kids and I played poop-themed games like pin the poop on the toilet, for poop-related prizes, and we each took a few whacks at the poop emoji pinata. We did all this and still had plenty of time to cool off in the pool.

This was my best birthday ever and I owe it all to my wonderful, loving family for all the time, energy and great sense of humor for being able to pull this off and completely surprise me with a great afternoon.

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