It's good to be back, even after a nice, long, relaxing weekend. If you're curious about where I went for the past few days, then sit right down and let me tell you about. Friday morning I woke up, packed some clothes and hit the road for Ely. This was a solo trip up and back for me because my wife couldn't get the time off and she thought I could use a little 'me' time. The main part of the trip was to help my son with some mechanical problems he was having. He works for the U.S. Forest Service and has been based out of a campground just outside of Ely and has been living in a motorhome for the summer.

Unfortunately he has been having an issue with his water, as in, he couldn't figure out why it wasn't flowing to the sinks and shower and instead was dumping onto the ground. The manual was of no use and the internet wasn't helpful either. After spending the whole afternoon of my first day up there, we finally found the problem to all his water woes. Two small odd looking push-in type valves under the vanity in the bathroom that needed to be pushed in to open the lines. Just like that we had water!

Once that was fixed I helped with some other odds and ends that needed to tended too throughout the weekend. I did get some time to check out some of the sights and of course some of the local eating establishments. I had to make a return visit to Britton's Cafe for breakfast and try a couple of new places. We hit the lake one evening for some canoeing, checked out a pair of vintage seaplanes still in use by the Forest service, went to Canoe Fest, enjoyed a few bonfires and went hiking but I mostly tried to relax.

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