I'm just going to file this under "Young & Dumb".  No offense intended, it's just that one ticket would cause most people to take it easy on the accelerator and 2 tickets in one day would really make one step back and be extra cautious.


But that wasn't the case with this unknown speed demon. this twenty year old went on to get a third speeding ticket, in the SAME day!  According to the Minnesota State Patrol this 20 year old was ticketed 3 times this past Wednesday in Northern Minnesota.

The first infraction was for traveling 73 in a 60 MPH zone. Not the end of the world and certainly something most of us have been guilty of. He upped it a bit for the second ticket and was clocked going 76 in a 60 MPH zone. The third time, he was ticketed for going 78 in a 65 MPH zone.

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The Minnesota State Patrol, on Twitter, referred to the young man as a "slow learner". I would have to agree.  You know what they say "education is expensive".  I would love to be in the court room if he goes in front of a judge, just to hear what the guy has to say.


FYI, the Minnesota State Patrol has extra enforcement on the roads just lookin for speeders and distracted drivers. Speeding tickets in Minnesota aren't what you'd call inexpensive.  I can't imagine what this guy might end up paying in fines and his insurance will skyrocket since he is under 25 years old.

Maybe the 3rd time was a charm and he learned.

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