The Minnesota airline Sun Country is dropping the name 'first class' and instead is going with 'premium economy' seats. The airline announced the change on Wednesday due to a lack of demand for first class tickets.

The new seats will offer passengers more legroom and a complimentary drink, but now the passengers won't be getting the complimentary meal that first class passengers enjoyed. The changes will be introduced by November/December, will also see free in-seat power and access to streaming entertainment in all seats.

On top of the changes at the front of the plane, the overall plane will see some changes as well. Sun Country will also be installing slimmer seats, similar to those seen in economy class on other major U.S. airlines, which allows for more seats per plane.

In an emailed comment to the Star Tribune Sun Country CEO Jude Bricker stated that: "There will be many more changes to come" and that he would like the customers, who are predominantly Minnesotans, to stick with the airline.

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