Many of us in Minnesota love to fish. Some of my greatest memories were fishing with my grandfather and mother when I was a child. Fox 9 said that the Department of Natural Resouces for Minnesota and Wisconsin are looking at changing some of the fishing regulations for the Mississippi River.

There are a lot of species of fish that call the Mississippi River home, but these changes look at about 12 different species. Some of the more common are white and yellow bass, walleye and northern pike.

The article says the DNR is looking at decreasing the length and limits of the fish. Their reasoning... the changes the river continues to go through each year. The ecosystem of the river keeps changing, new invasive species find the Mississippi and call it home and it continues to be fished each year. That is why they are proposing a change.

One of the changes that were shredded in the article was to decrease the limit of Walleye and sauger from six to four. They also proposed that the limit for white and yellow bass goes from 25 to 10.

Nothing is set in stone yet. The article says they are looking for your feedback. There won't be a meeting, but if you do have an opinion on the change, they ask that you email He'll be able to answer all questions and would love to take your feedback on the proposed changes.

The article says they will be taking feedback through October 4th with the goal of implementing the changes in March of 2020.

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