A Minnesota band called Apollo Cobra was being featured on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week... but not in a good way. Jimmy does a segment called "Do Not Play" on Wednesday's and this was where Apollo Cobra was being featured.

In "Do Not Play" viewers send in songs they think are bad and should never be played. I've never seen this segment until now and let me tell you, there are some bad songs that people make. But "Sweatpants" by Apollo Cobra kind of caught Jimmy off guard.

At first, he seemed to judge it based on the title but as the song plays he starts to jam out and actually says "I think it's kind of good!". I think it's a little cheesy, a little ridiculous, but it's kind of awesome at the same time!

Check out the segment! You can hear "Sweatpants" at the 4:52 mark but I would encourage you to watch the whole thing, it's hilarious.


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