Parlour Bar has two locations, one in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul, and is famous for the burger named after their restaurant, the Parlour Burger. Bring Me the News says that over 137,000 of these burgers are sold every year between both locations. Some exciting news for burger lovers who haven't tried this burger (or people who love the burger already): Parlour Bar now has a food truck where they'll sell the Parlour Burger!

The plan to start making stops next month at different breweries and distilleries around the Twin Cities. Brent Frederick, who is the owner of Jester Concepts, the hospitality company that owns Parlour, said that people can expect to see their food truck at Indeed, Tattersall and Bauhaus Brew Labs for sure.

The menu for the food truck is relatively limited, but the important thing is that they're selling the Parlour Burger (along with fries and a salad).

If you're wondering what the heck is the big deal about this Parlour Burger, here is what's on this burger according to the Parlour Bar website: "Ground Chuck, Ribeye, and Brisket, White American Cheese, on Egg Bun." Yum!

You're also able to book the Parlour Bar food truck for special events. They even have an add-on pop-up bar if you want cocktails served at your event!

You can stay up to date on where their food truck is going to be through their social media:  @parlourcocktails and @parlourbarstp on Instagram.

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