Governor Walz  made some adjustments to the current "pause" that he put in place about 3 and a half weeks ago.  Minnesota bars and restaurants will remain closed to any indoor dining until January 11th under the current guideline.   But, he opened it up to some limited  outdoor dining.... in December... in Minnesota.   Doesn't sound like the most pleasant thing.  But, it does help one industry... breweries.

Burgeoning Craft Beer Industry Creates Niche Market For Limited Release Beers
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It seems that the request for outdoor service came from them.  Eating outside to me doesn't really make sense.  Even if you can handle the chill, your food would get cold very quickly.  But when you are talking beer, that isn't an issue.

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Breweries around Minnesota usually have  some outdoor options anyway. They have firepits to keep people warm.  Some have planned ahead and have a tent in place. The tent just needs to be open on 2 sides for ventilation.  And being able to hang out, support our local breweries and be outside by a fire isn't such a bad idea.  We, as Minnesotans might be doing that even during non-COVID times.  I think it the being "forced" to is the issue.

Right now, restaurants and bars  are able to reopen to indoor dining on January 11th.  Let's hope that doesn't get pushed back again.  But in the meantime, please get some take out whenever possible.  Order food for your holiday gathering (now that we can do some of that on a limited basis), and try and do your part to keep these local businesses going so they are still  here when this is over.


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