Craft beer is a big thing here in Minnesota so it's not surprising that breweries need to get a little creative to stand out. And this is probably one of the most creative things I've seen!

Modist Brewing in Minneapolis is now brewing beer with unsold bagels. Ok, you've got my attention! Modist is taking unsold bagels from their neighbor, Rise Bagel Co., to use in a beer to help reduce food waste. What a great idea!

To use these bagels in this beer they ground the bagels into a flour. They also brewed the beer with White Clover honey. The beer is described as a "'toasty, easy-drinking lager.'"

The beer will be called No Bagel Wasted and 10% of all sales of the beer will go to Twin Cities Food Justice, "which helps reduce food waste and tackle local hunger."

No Bagel Wasted will go on sale this Friday, the 26th! I'm thinking I need to try this, I'm so curious!



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