The Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (OACCT) distributed a letter from the president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce in their Tuesday Talk e-newsletter. In it, Doug Loon says, "As the number of positive cases decline, hospital capacity increases and more Minnesotans are vaccinated, it is time for a transparent plan to reopen our economy that Minnesota businesses, their employees and customers can rely on."

Loon adds, "Many other states have done this. Detailed plans have been developed and include achieving certain health-based metrics, dates, or other milestones in order to trigger reopening. This type of approach has been lacking here in Minnesota...We believe the legislature and Walz administration must develop such a strategy based on transparent metrics that allows for a responsible, phased reopening. Other states have already done this."

"Minnesota employers have done their part to curb the spread of the virus, and they will continue to do so. But they deserve to know what is in store for them, their employees and their customers." Read the full letter here.

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