Here's one new way to prevent theft! We all know by now that crime - whether a scam or a physical crime - isn't going anywhere. It looks like one Minnesota company knows that and found quite the way to adapt.

I follow a bunch of different crime accounts on Twitter and one of my favorites to follow is the Chaska Police Department. They are hilarious no matter the topic and often share funny stories and one-liners on their account.

For example, they recently warned about a jury duty scam that was going on in the area. One resident fell for the scam and in turn, was out nearly three-thousand bucks. Scammers were calling people in the area and posing as a government agency, telling them they missed jury duty and had to pay up.

They also shared a lighter story recently that gave me a good laugh. In September, the Chaska Police Department arrested a man who left his ID behind at the scene of the crime. Basically, he did the crime and solved it for cops by doing so. Ha!

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This story was another humorous one and something a member of the Chaska PD saw while out and about on duty. They shared this tweet earlier in the week and it made me laugh out loud. So what was the tweet?

It was a photo of a crane with a generator on the end. Apparently, the company was using the crane in an effort to avoid a theft, since generator thefts are common everywhere. They have a good point. If you can't lock it up and know for sure someone won't steal it, you might as well hold it in the air where no one can get to it!

People were absolutely loving this, with someone writing in that they accepted the challenge. Of course, they were joking but the Chaska PD put an end to it, telling them to not even think about it. They also mentioned that thefts on construction sites is common.

I love the creativity. No one is getting to that generator and I have to laugh just looking at the photo. Shout out to the company who thought of this and shout out to the Chaska Police Department for sharing this.

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