The Lopez family, from Minnesota, were having a great time vacationing in Costa Rica! That is until their 3-year-old son, Axel, broke his femur and the cast they had to put him in prevented them from taking a commercial flight home because he can't sit up with this cast.

So what started as a dream vacation turned into a very expensive, not so fun, stay in Costa Rica. They were basically stranded. Their only option to get home was by air ambulance, which would cost upwards of $40,000. Yuck! No thanks!

But their only other option: stay in Costa Rica an extra 6-8 weeks to wait for Axel's broken bone to heal. Suddenly this trip took a very expensive turn and both of Axel's parents had jobs waiting for them back here in Minnesota!

Luckily, a very nice fellow Minnesotan knew how to help. Wes Converse, the president of Red Wing Aeroplane, told WCCO, “'I looked at my wife and said I think we can help this family.'”

So Wes took a private plane, made it suitable and safe for Axel to lay down in during the flight, and went to Costa Rica to pick up the family. Oh, and at no cost by the way! Talk about a good samaritan!

The Lopez family is now safely back home in Minnesota!




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