A landfill in Burnsville has been approved to, as the City of Bloomington pointed out, get bigger than Buck Hill. Yes, the ski and snowboard area in Burnsville. The landfill is Waste Management's Burnsville Sanitary Landfill near I-35W and Hwy. 13 and the approved peak elevation is 1,082 feet.

Waste Management told KARE 11, "Despite Minnesota's very high recycling rate, there is still a need for disposal of waste that isn't recycled." Yes, but couldn't it be put somewhere else? I don't know I'm not an expert on where to put trash!

But one thing I do know is that recycling is very important! Yes, Waste Management said that we have a high recycling rate, but maybe if even more of us recycled, a landfill bigger than Buck Hill wouldn't be necessary in the future.

So here are a few resources about recycling in our area for you to check out!

Also, recycling isn't just about cardboard, milk cartons, etc. Recycling is also donating things that you're done with but someone else could use. Don't throw it out, donate it! Or maybe you could even reuse that thing you're thinking about throwing out for something else.


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