Social distancing is the new normal these days amid COVID-19. This has been a rough transition for many and if you live in Minnesota, it may be even harder.

Why? A new study from WalletHub says it is one of the hardest states for social distancing. To come to this conclusion, the site looked at a bunch of different factors, including volunteer rates, travel and tourism spending, time spent on outdoor recreation and exercise and more.

Minnesota has one of the highest volunteer rates and ranks in the top five for time spent socializing and communicating. These factors, among others, helped land Minnesota at number 11 on the list as one of the toughest states to social distance in.

Wisconsin is found much further down the list, coming in at number 37, meaning it is much easier to social distance there than most other states in the country.

The good news is that Minnesota received a much better ranking recently, being named one of the best states to work remotely. We will take any win we can get these days!

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