Here in Minnesota, we’re known for being…nice. Which seems to be true. So true, in fact, that I believe our Minnesota 'niceness' is to blame for our seeming inability to navigate our way through an intersection with four-way stop signs. 

It's bad enough that 'Minnesota nice' makes it tough for some drivers to make a left-hand turn onto West Circle Drive (You can read my previous rant HERE). But on my drive to and from the Quick Country 96.5 Communications Complex along 6th Street in southwest Rochester, I routinely encounter four different intersections with four-way stop signs. Heading west from our building, there are four-way stops at 6th St. and 4th Av.; 6th St. and 6th Av.; 6th St. and 10th Av.; and 6th St. and 14th Av.

And, when there’s traffic, everybody gets all nervous and it seems NOBODY knows when to proceed through the intersection. Have you noticed this? EVERYBODY just sits there and waits-- because nobody wants to be seen as the pushy jerk who just plows through the intersection first. But somebody has to go first– and it’s not that tough to figure out! Come on, people, whoever got there first, goes first. But, somebody– anybody– make a move, would you?!?

This video seems to sum up how us Minnesotans behave at a four-way stop. Even though this video was made in Canada, it seems they share our Minnesota ‘niceness’ when it comes to this driving behavior. Check it out…

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