The words horrible, disgusting and cruel don't begin to appropriately describe what happened to a puppy recently found in Minnesota.

Coco's Heart Dog Rescue, which is based in Hudson, Wisconsin, shared the news about Finnian, a shepherd puppy who had been through a living hell prior to being abandoned.

The description of the condition Finnian was in and the abuse he received was shared on their Facebook page. It is not for the faint of heart:

Finnian is a shepherd puppy who was found with multiple bullet wounds, a cleft palate, and something off with his front legs / gait. Upon X Ray they found numerous BB's one in his skull and another very close to his spine near the top two vertebrae's, which is likely effecting his ability to walk normally. The BB that was found in his skill, it was determined the gun likely had to have been in his mouth when discharged... As if we didn't feel heartbroken for him already, this information has tore us apart. It is absolutely heartbreaking to think of what this sweet boy has been through in his short life.

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Finnian was brought to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center hoping they could save this poor little guy. Thankfully, there is good news with this story as there has been a very encouraging update on his condition.

According to a Facebook update provided by Coco's Heart Dog Rescue, Finnian is officially in stable condition and is recovering! They add that the determination was made for him to now live with a temp foster so he can rest at a home rather than at a hospital as he awaits medical appointments to continue the healing process.

Coco's Heart Dog Rescue Facebook
Coco's Heart Dog Rescue Facebook

Finnian will next visit a neurologist for the neuro symptoms as well as a dentistry specialist for the cleft palate he has. It's a long road to recovering but least he's making terrific progress all things considered.

You can click on the button above to see Finnian's update and donate to Coco's Heart Dog Rescue so the foster-based, volunteer-driven rescue can provide care for Finnian other abandoned dogs who need help.

There is no word yet on if they are investigating who could've done this, but according to Bring Me The News, a violation of animal abuse laws in Minnesota can result in up to one year in prison when abuse leads to extensive bodily harm, in addition to a penalty of up to $3,000. More severe penalties are possible depending on the circumstances of the case.

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