The Waseca County Sheriff's Office had a message for Southern Minnesota motorists this morning after a deputy and the Sheriff himself were able to walk away from a crash after a semi driver failed to slow down for emergency responders last night and crashed into their vehicles. That message? Pay attention and slow down!

The post from Waseca County Sheriff Brad Milbrath shows damaged squad cars from the crash, and a message from the Sheriff.

This is what happens when people don't slow down and don't pay attention!!! Emergency crews were working a crash near Janesville last evening when a semi crashed into two of our Sheriff's Office squad cars. Fortunately, the Sheriff and a Deputy were able to run out of the way and were unharmed.

This is another reminder to pay attention and slow down, especially when its obvious that emergency crews are operating on or near the roadway.

Even as plows begin cleaning up area roads from all the snow that fell, roads can still be slippery and icy until there is enough traffic and sun to melt what's left on the road. Practice safe driving and leave emergency vehicles with their lights on, including snowplows plenty of room, as they want to get home to their families too.

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