A Minnesota Sheriff's Office took to social media this morning with an ask of parents everywhere to stop doing this one thing. The Chisago County Sheriff's Office posted about parents telling their children to behave or else the police will take them away, and every police officer and Sheriff's Deputy will tell you, while that comment isn't made to hurt, it can instill fear of law enforcement into children rather than realizing law enforcement is here to help.

The post from the Sherriff's Office reads:


Parents, you’re walking into a gas station or a restaurant, or pass a cop on the street, and you have your small kids in tow. Your intentions are good when you tell your kids, “Be good or else they will take you to jail!” (Or something to similar to that statement)

We know you’re not trying to make them afraid of us on purpose. But when you tell your kids that the cops are going to take them away, that is what’s happening. We hear it all the time, and if we never heard it again we’d be fine with that. 

INSTEAD, tell them what we say on this page all the time. We’re only #onecallaway. Teach them how and when to use 911. Tell them we’re there to help them. 

Go on the offense instead of the defense. You’ll help your kids out and you’ll be helping us out! We will be at city and county events throughout the rest of this summer. There’s plenty of opportunities to have your kids meet us and tell them we are here to help!
So how about it folks? Can we make this change? I don't think this is an unreasonable ask.

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