We've all seen the NBC show where Chris Hansen is sitting in a home that is filled with cops and cameras, and a man enters the home through a back door, or a garage with a bag under his arm expecting to meet a teenage girl. Well, a Minnesota man is taking that idea to a whole new level with his Facebook group. 

Last night KARE-11 did a news piece on a guy named Josh from Forest Lake who goes out and live streams his interactions with men who think they are meeting up with underage teenage girls.

Here's the thing Josh isn't a trained law enforcement officer. Josh is a vigilante who is operating a Facebook Page called Predator Hunters USA. Members create profiles posing as teenage girls on dating apps. When contacted by a man, they write that they are 14 or 15 years old. If the man persists and wants to arrange a meeting, Josh shows up instead of the girl they were expecting.

What's truly alarming about this news piece is that since Josh started doing this he has according to the KARE-11 piece confronted about 40 men so far, streaming the meetings live on Facebook. 40!

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