Events have been coming back, and for awhile, we have heard about the state fair, otherwise known as the Great Minnesota Get Together coming back this Summer.  But we didn't know if there would be some sort of restriction with masks, or social distancing or vaccination requirements.  Just this weekend, the Minnesota State Fair issued a statement on social media that the fair will go on as planned, and that right now there are no restrictions; no masks, no vaccination requirement or anything else related to COVID, other than the normal cleaning and sanitizing practices.

And as you can see, the tickets are on sale right now.  That means that you can buy tickets and save some money instead of buying at the gate. The ticket prices for ages 13-64 are $13.  These prices will be available until August 24th.

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When they say that no restrictions will be planned, that doesn't mean that they are just throwing caution to the wind, either.  There will be sanitizing practices throughout the fairgrounds, and also hand sanitizer places throughout the grounds.  They are also asking that if you have any COVID symptoms that you don't attend, and if you haven't been vaccinated, you are encouraged, but not required to wear a mask. And if you have been around someone else who has been infected with COVID, even if you don't have symptoms, they ask that you don't attend. So, even though there won't be restrictions, it doesn't mean that they aren't taking some safety measures and making sure that everyone has a great time at the fair.

You can see all of the regulations surrounding the fair here. You can also check out the entertainment on this site.  There are of course the grandstand shows which you will need tickets for.  But there are SO MANY other shows around the fair that are free with your admission ticket.

See you at the fair!

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