I was scrolling through facebook last night when I stumbled upon one of my friends who was sharing this news story done a few nights earlier. The piece is on a Minnesota Veteran, Jim Vandenheuvel, who was injured in an IED explosion in Iraq and then two years ago the Army National Guard veteran suffered a massive seizure and was in a coma. Jim was and is an outdoorsman at heart, and his wife, Anna, wants to put him back outdoors.

Jim Vandenheuvel was recently at the Northland Outdoors Duluth Deer Classic and he saw an Action Trackchair. The Action Trackchair gives people with limited mobility the freedom to do things on their own, like hunt, fish, and to be outdoors and in places their traditional chairs can't go.

Jim is a passionate outdoorsman who just wants to get out and enjoy what he used to before suffering the debilitating stroke. Not only would the Action Trackchair come in handy for hunting and fishing, it would also enable him to get outdoors with his two young daughters. His current chair according to Anna in this Fox 21 News piece has issues getting around in just a little snow fall.

Rochester in years past has given veterans in similar situations the chance to get out and do some hunting in similarly equipped chairs and ATV's.

The family has set up a Go-Fund Me page for donations in hopes to purchase the new wheels, as an Action Trackchair costs about $12,500.

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