The Minnesota DNR reports that earlier this month on October 6th a member of the Women Anglers of Minnesota named Maddy Ogg set a catch-and-release record with the northern pike she caught while fishing on Mille Lacs!

The fish was 43 1/2 inches and Maddy told the DNR that she "'had to reel fast because the fish swam towards the boat, causing nearly constant slack in the line.'"

So she holds the record for now but the DNR is saying that it's likely someone else could surpass her because there are a lot of big fish in Mille Lacs this year. They're guessing that they could be up to 50 inches and over 20 pounds.

Bring Me the News reports that in Minnesota we keep record lengths "for catch-and-release of muskies, northern pike, lake sturgeon and flathead catfish. Record weights are tracked for other fish species."

If you think you've caught a record-setting fish, you can submit the information HERE!

Check out a picture of this big fish HERE!


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