A Minnesota woman will be reunited this week with her long lost terrier-mix Hazel after nearly 3 years. The dog was recently featured on beer cans from a Florida beer maker, and thanks to social media, the dog's owner, Monica Mathis, recognized the lost pooch as hers and contacted the Florida Humane Society where the dog was. 

Motorworks Brewing in Florida teamed up with Shelter Manatee to promote dog adoption and raise funds for a new building for the shelter. One of those dogs that were featured on the label was a lost dog from Iowa, Hazel.

Hazel's owner Monica Mathis told KSTP-TV that on January 24th she recognized and reconnect with her long-lost pup thanks to social media. Mathis after believing that this was her lost dog contacted the shelter, which needed proof that the dog really was hers. Mathis sent a bunch of photos of her and the dog which seemed to indicate to the staff that the dog was indeed Mathis' long lost Hazel.

How Hazel got to Florida is the real mystery, one that is unlikely to be solved as Hazel can't speak.

Mathis and Hazel will be reunited thanks in part to the nonprofit Friends of Manatee County Animal Services. The nonprofit is covering transportation costs from Florida to Minnesota.

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