Well, who knew this was a thing?  Did you know that there was a fast food "cravers" hall of fame?  I certainly didn't.

A woman named Chris Henry from Forest Lake was inducted into the "White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame".  An honor which I had no idea existed until I saw this story.

What did she do that got her this honor? I will tell you, and it's pretty crazy.  But to each their own.

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Chris Henry was inducted into the "White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame" because she wrote a letter to the corporate headquarters for White Castle which are located in Ohio, to let them know that she purchased her house simply because of it's proximity to a White Castle restaurant.  That was her deciding factor when buying a home.

According to KSTP in Minneapolis, Henry had this to say after she received her award along with the iconic White Castle blue jacket.

“It was amazingly exciting,” Henry said. “I never in a million years would I thought I would be sitting here.

Everyone has their dreams.  And this was a dream that was realized for this particular person, so YAY to her! My dreams might be a little different, but as I said, to each their own.  She's really happy.

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