Before we know it the state bird will be back, not the official state bird the Common Loon, but the unofficial state bird, the mosquito. I had no idea that they tracked and predicted how the mosquito season would be so early in spring, but they do and Minnesota, surprise surprise, is looking at an above average mosquito summer according to

I guess the terminology used by is slightly above average, none the less it is still predicted to be higher than normal, which sounds awful. The report cites the possible summer weather we could be looking at as the likely culprit to the higher number of mosquitos.

"During the 2019 mosquito season, there’s about a 50 percent chance of having a hotter, wetter summer in the Midwest, according to the National Weather Service. As a result, you can expect the mosquito populations to follow suit." - Midwest Mosquito Report 2019

Other than the itch they give you, there are other things that an increase in the mosquito population could mean, higher rates of reported mosquito-borne diseases. Diseases like the West Nile virus.
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This is the time of year that we can help to curb the possible mosquito population explosion by keeping your yard clean and free of standing water and getting rid of any dying or dead plants around your property.

Otherwise, stock up on the Deep Woods Off spray, because it sounds like we will be having more 'skeeters than we are used to this summer.

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