According to a study done by the University of Washington, Minnesota was ranked as one of the top states for life expectancy and healthy life expectancy!

Minnesota ranked fourth in life expectancy, behind Hawaii, California, and Connecticut.

Minnesota men tend to live longer than men in any other state with an average life expectancy of 78.7 years. Minnesota women come in fourth across the country at 82.9 years.

As for how long we live a healthy life: we typically live to about 70.3 years in full health.

The things that typically shorten our life expectancy or cause us to become unhealthy include smoking, obesity, high fasting plasma glucose, high blood pressure, alcohol use, lower back pain, depression, opioid use, and diabetes. I have to believe that the lower back pain is from all of the snow we have to shovel throughout our lives.

The study doesn't specify why we live longer than other states. I'm guessing it's either because we have become so hearty due to the long winters or it's because we all just want to hold on to see the Vikings win a Super Bowl!


Source: CBS

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