If you've ever driven... anywhere in Minnesota you know that we have some crazy drivers. Tailgating, tons of speeding, people swerving between lanes trying to get where they're going. And then you've got the really slow drivers who make the roads almost just as dangerous as the speeders. Ok, I'll hop off my soapbox. I could go on forever about how much I hate other drivers and traffic.

According to a new study my frustration must be shared with others. Apparently, Minnesota drivers are some of the worst in the country. The 6th worst actually.

I would agree that Minnesota drivers are bad but I'm not sure I agree with this list. My reasoning is simple: where they ranked other states doesn't make any sense to me.

My husband and I were in Florida for our honeymoon at the beginning of January. Part of our trip consisted of renting a car and driving from St. Petes to Orlando. If you think Minnesota drivers are bad, you should drive in Florida. They're TERRIBLE! And yet in this study Florida ranked number 40. Really? 40? No way, everyone on the road was going at least 15 over the speed limit, including semis!

The other state ranking I don't agree with is New York. I was in New York a couple years ago and if you've never been, trust me, those are some aggressive drivers. And yet New York came in at 34. Nope, don't agree.

Find out where other states ranked in this study HERE!

Do you agree that Minnesota drivers are bad?


Source: QuoteWizard


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