We now know what Minnesotans were most interested in/wondering about during the COVID-19 quarantine. It wasn't symptoms of COVID-19, nor was it how to move to Canada...we are looking at you, South Dakota. Minnesota's was...boxed wine. 

According to Zippia.com, they used "Google Trends, we determined the most interesting thing each state was googling more than any other state during quarantine." The time period used was from April to August of 2020, and Minnesota as we know started to really open things back up in mid-May. So even after we could leave the house for things like haircuts, go out to eat at a restaurant again, Minnesotans were consumed with the novelty that is boxed wine.

According to the Zippia.com data gathered, Minnesota wasn't alone in its boozy wonderment. Mississippi was Googling 'Vodka Pops', Nebraska's was 'Mike's Hard Lemonade', and New Mexico went all college sophomore with 'day drinking'.

It's true that misery, I mean Missouri's state slogan is the Show-Me State, but apparently it's also known as the 'Show me the meth state', as that states most interesting Googled term was 'Meth recipe'.

There were some healthier results from Zippia's deep dive on Google searches. West Virginians were looking at how to quit smoking, Pennsylvanians cared about their dying plants, and Coloradans wanted to get off the sauce as they were searching how to stop drinking.

You can see the whole list for all 50 states here. Now, where did my wife put the boxed wine...

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