University of Minnesota Extension nutrient management specialists Dan Kaiser and Fabian Fernandez have updated Minnesota's soybean fertilizer guidelines. In the last few years a lot of research in Minnesota has been done and is ongoing on fertilizing soybeans. Some of the most recent results from research across Minnesota have been included in Minnesota's new soybean fertilizer guidelines. Kaiser and Fernandez have summarized 5 takeaway messages on the use of fertilizer for soybean production in Minnesota.

1. Nitrogen fertilizer applications for soybean production is unlikely to pay off. 2. You don't need to apply phosphorus or potassium fertilizer directly ahead of soybeans, unless on high ph soils. 3. Should you consider an alternative potassium fertilizer source other than potassium chloride? 4. In some situations, it may be beneficial to apply a low rate of sulfur fertilizer ahead of soybeans. 5. Don't forget about micronutrients.

Kaiser and Fernandes have summarized these five takeaway points on a blog on the University of Minnesota Extension crop-news website at:


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