Mike and Amy McQuery aren't from Waseca, but they are going to fit right in. The McQuery's just opened up what looks to be an awesome brewery where they grow a lot of what they put in their beer. Definitely worth a drive down 13 to Waseca to give Half Pint Brewing Company a try.

The McQuery's journey to Waseca from Oregon began 5 years ago, according to TheGrowler.com, when "Amy suggested they move to Waseca, where she had a cousin, and a job offer, to pursue their professional brewing venture."

The name of the brewery is even Minnesotan based on it coming from the nickname of Laure Ingalls Wilder 'Half Pint'.

This isn't your traditional brewery as the couple even offers to show patrons how that beer is tied to the land along with providing a place to enjoy a handcrafted beer. Beyond the typical tour of the brewing equipment, Half Pint will offer tours of the farm that highlight the botanical ingredients grown right on the property.

So the next time you are getting a hard time from someone about heading to another local brewery, at least now you can tell them you're going to learn about sustainable brewing, and there just happens to be beer there too.

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