The Minnesota State Fair recently unveiled it's list of new foods that will be offered at this years Great-Minnesota-Get-Together. They even hopped on the cotton candy bandwagon with the Rainbow Cloud Roll, which takes three scoops of ice cream sprinkled with fruity cereal and wrapped in a pillow of cotton candy. But a minor-league baseball team just took cotton candy to the next level...wrapping a hot dog in it.

Credit: Twitter @Erie_Seawolves
Credit: Twitter @Erie_Seawolves

The Detroit Tigers' double-A affiliate, the Erie, Pennsylvania, SeaWolves, hawked the nerds-covered franks as part of Saturday's "Sugar Rush" promotional night.

In Minnesota, we are no strangers to minor league baseball off-the-wall promotions as this week the Saints had a salute to the skyscraper climbing raccoon that took the internet by storm. But no one would seriously eat this, right? It looks like Buddy the Elf from the film Elf left a hot dog behind.

The SeaWolves also are offering on "Sugar Rush" night something a little milder, a cotton candy wrapped ball of ice cream.

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