It's a milestone that no one really feels good about acknowledging as it represents someone being gone. It will be 25 years of missing birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays for the family of Jodi Huisentruit on Saturday, June 27th. The Long Prairie, Minnesota native and Northern Iowa news reporter for KIMT-TV in Mason City disappeared on her way to work that 1995 morning. Her family, friends and those still looking for her and answers are asking you to do one thing to help keep her memory alive, turn on your porch light. is requesting that people turn on their outside lights to keep the memory of Jodi Huisentruit alive in the minds of people, especially in the Mason City area, as the anniversary of her disappearance arrives. also hopes "it will prompt someone to come forward with information on what happened to Jodi. The lights plan is one of several ways we [] will push to keep Jodi’s case from fading from the public spotlight during these difficult times."

The website has also recently started a new podcast series on the disappearance of Huisentruit that guides the listener through "the 24-48 hours before she was abducted in her apartment parking lot on her way to anchor the morning news at KIMT-TV in Mason City, Iowa, on June 27, 1995." You can get to the podcast here. 

There have been several times in the last 25 years that people have thought there might have been a break-through as to what happened that day and where Jodi is, but there hasn't been anything yet.

If you have information on the case of Jodi Huisentruit you asked to call the Mason City Police Department (641) 421-3636 or Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) (515) 725-6010 or email

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