A Minnesota dad is now an internet star after his daughter took pictures of his unique idea to clip the family dog's nails without the process becoming an utter nightmare.

Kendal Peifer, an 18-year-old from Eagan, shared photos of her dad Patrick, who turned a purse into makeshift dog harness suspended from a gym bar.

He then used the harness to clip the nails of their rescue dog.

The photo uploaded last week went viral, getting retweeted almost 86,000 times on Twitter and liked almost 340,000 times as of Friday morning.

Twitter Kendal Peifer
Twitter Kendal Peifer

Her father was inspired to create the purse solution after seeing something similar elsewhere, and went to pick up a second-hand purse in Goodwill.

Want to make your own canine nail trimming holder?

Here's your own how-to guide.

Step 1: Buy a purse.

Step 2: Cut four holes in bottom of purse and open up the sides.

Step 3: Place dog's legs through holes.

Step 4: Hang purse from pull-up bar.

Step 5: Clip dog's claws.

Step 6: Enjoy your handiwork.

Good doggy.

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