They say women like a guy with a good sense of humor, but -- men -- you may want to avoid this one.

Video of a Minnesota kid's fantastically awful dad joke is going viral online. In it, the young boy -- filming from the phone he's holding -- walks into a room where his dad's working and says, "Hey dad, I'm kinda sad." When his dad asks why, he goes onto explain that his girlfriend dumped him earlier that day. "She did, why?" his dad asks. "Because I said my love for her is like diarrhea," the boy continues, "and now I can't hold it in."

The video has been viewed nearly 2.6 million times on Youtube, where it was shared by entertainment company Jukin Media.

The video was originally shared by Minnesota dad and viral TikTok user Jeremy Littel. This isn't our first time featuring Jeremy; last August, his parenting hack went wildly viral on social media sites as well.

@jeremy_littelThis is genuinely perfect. #funny #memes #jokes #laughing #hilarious #minnesota #kickasslife #comedy♬ original sound - Jeremy Littel

Jeremy -- of Winona, Minnesota -- owns his own company called  Kickass Beef Snacks, Inc. Originally founded in 1950 by his great-grandfather Charles Littel, Kickass products (which include beef jerky, pickle products, Bloody Mary ingredients, apparel and even handcrafted soaps) are today sold around Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois. Kickass life (#kickasslife) and Minnesota (#Minnesota) are common hashtags featured in Jeremy's TikTok videos.

For daily laughs, follow Jeremy Littel on TikTok or Instagram.

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